ALIAS is a ready-to-wear label founded by London trained, China raised designer Charlex Lin. ALIAS's design has a modern and understated edgy feeling with minimal design, simple silhouette and luxurious materials. Blending original design details with well-tailored garments, these given a sense of urbaness to women who are savvy and confidence in presenting their daily outfits. Lin hopes people enjoy the attention to detail and quality shown in each garment and appreciate the refined and functional design. 


ALIAS always tries new things, focus on exploring the inner beauty of ones and seeks balance between life and fashion. The designer likes to mix minimal design with street fashion elements to create styles that is practical yet rebellious. The brand offers simplicity and juxtaposing in its clothing design, which origins from designer’s interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture. After a few seasons’ exploitations, the designer decided to inject more art elements into ALIAS’s design, to enhance the relationship between clothing design and art. Visually, the design will look more ‘effortless’ and artistic, this fits better with the designer’s concept of ‘fashion meets art’. Every piece of the ALIAS collection carries Lin's interpretation of people and life, and women living in modern life: convincing, independent and full of confidence.